Integrity & Ethics: University upholds the highest ethical values, integrity and professionalism as well as commitment to academic freedom, transparency and accountability.

Inclusiveness and Diversity: University embraces and acts on responsibility to guarantee diversity and equity.

Student Centric: University fosters a student-centric environment and provides student centered, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary programs leading to professional excellence.

Excellence: University is committed to maintain academic excellence through quality education, extra-curricular activities and lifelong learning skills.

Participatory governance: University encourages shared decision making through a process that rests upon collaborative consultation, open flow of information, diverse involvement and collective deliberations of all stake holders.

Collaboration: University is working towards common goals with other stakeholders in the university and the community through outreach programs while valuing teamwork, participation, and diversity of ideas and perspectives.

Sustainability: University acts in a manner that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.


It is our dreams which unfolding Endeavors are there to build up institute which may stand alone for its quality of education and service intially other paramedical courses and hospital that comply with the norms has been established Education has been derived from Latin word educa which means to educe i.e. to develop from within, Vidya is also the name of a spiritual power ina amotherly from philosophical Knowledge.


Thus acquiring Knowledge according to INDIAN Philosophical standard is inseparably linked with spirituality. The baby as if born is like the raw stone from mines and the sanskars are like the grinding and polishing that it gets at the hand of the gem cutter.

Presently this institute is the first of its type to provide degree in ayurveda course in its adjacent districts including Farrukhabad. The institute along with its faculty members is determined to be best in Uttar Pradesh. Keeping with its objective of providing the best possible medical education the institute has built upa astrong infrastusture.

This comprises of highly Knowledge and experienced faculty with advanced facilities that enable student to gain a contemporary education. The college is commited to upgrade the quality of its education and practical experience actively involved in different fields of development to remain on the cutting edge. The college through its continuaous up-gradation is endeavoring to became a continuaous education center where new knowledge pertaining it the mediacl field is generated on a regular basis our vision for future Ayurveda to International standards to emerge as one of the humanity be keeping an Approach our team and faculty members are fully devoted towards the development of this ancient system of medicine.

Dr. Anar Singh Yadav
Founder - Shri Babu Singh Daddu Ji Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital